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Datum: Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2011
Ort: Gateshead, England
Art: Turnier
Veranstalter: Sonstige

Greetings Kendo friends 

I would like to announce and warmly invite you you all to the Northern Open Kendo Championships 2011 (www.northernopen.co.uk), which will take place on the weekend of July 30th 2011. This will be our 3rd year and we would like to invite you to come and help make this the best one yet. The program for this year will be the same in that it will be 3 man/woman teams with no grade restrictions, but we are also considering having an individual champions the day after the team Taikai, we will update you on this very shortly. 

The venue for this years Taikai will be: 

Joseph Swan School
Saltwell Road South
Gateshead (Near Newcastle Upon Tyne)
Tyne and Wear
NE9 6LE   

Also as the Northern Open is a charity event, we would like to announce that all surplus from this years event will be donated to the JAPANESE RED CROSS! So hopefully with your help we can raise plenty of money to help the people affected by the awful events that transpired in Japan recently. 

We hope to see many of you July for a great Taikai and weekend. 

Best Wishes 

The Northern Open Team