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Datum: Samstag, 28. Juni 2014 - Sonntag, 29. Juni
Ort: Düsseldorf
Art: Lehrgang
Veranstalter: NWKV

Dear All  Kendo-ka,

First of all, we appreciate your support on Kendo events. 

As our purpose to convey the spirit of “Kokenchiai” (meaning that Kendo enables one to learn how to cherish one' counterpart by engaging in Keiko) and to mold mind and body, Dusseldorf Shonen Kendo Club shall hold a Shonen Kendo Seminar as below.

We will appreciate your participation even though the seminar shall be held during the summer time.

Date: 28th (Sat) June and 29th  (Sun) June 2014

Place: Comenius-Gymnasium Sporthalle

Luetticher Str.34 40547 Düsseldorf Opposite to Supermarket Wa-Yo


28th  June 2014 (Saturday)

1300 Opening the Hall

14001700 Godo-Keiko by all participants

17101800 Keiko among Dojo leaders/adults

1900 Dinner party

29th  June 2014 (Sunday)

730 Breakfast

8301130 Godo-Keiko by all participants

11401210   Keiko among Dojo leaders/adults

                               Finishing the seminar

Participants: Kendo Dojo/Club members above 6 years old

Beginner without bogu can participate in this seminar

Chief Instructor: Hideo Kato (Kyoshi 7 Dan)


Participation Fee:

KEIKO (Seminar) Fee EUR 10

*However Free for instructors above 3rd DanMeal Fee (Dinner & Breakfast)

15 or under 15 years old EUR 10

16 or over 16 years old EUR 15

Accompanied Family member 15 or under 15 years old EUR 10

Accompanied Family  member 16 or over 16 years old & Adult EUR 15

*Please understand NO REFUND for the cancellation of the meal fee on the day of this seminar.

Accommodation: If you would like to stay overnight at the seminar Hall, you should arrange sleeping bags and mats by yourselves.

If Dojo leader and family of participants would like to stay in a hotel, we enclose the Hotel Info in Dusseldorf for your reference. 

Application: Please kindly fill in the detail on the application form and send it 

by 28th May 2014

The participation fee shall be collected on the day of this seminar. Therefore, we appreciate it if Dojo leader can put it together and pay the amount all together.

Mail address


*Please contact above e-mail address if you have any questions.